Take advantage of Hervé’s firsthand experience climbing some of the world’s toughest mountains and collaborating with leading outdoor brands and television companies.

By drawing on his expertise and knowledge, you will be able to find room for reflection and be ready to fulfil your dreams and take on the greatest challenges.

A gifted communicator and captivating storyteller, with his profound and expressive style, Hervé speaks with sensitivity, passion and love, drawing on cultural themes to demonstrate how everyone can enjoy the mountains. His talks are interwoven with stunning films and images of life experiences, alpinism, adventures on mountains around the world and challenges against the impossible.

The ability to make decisions when under intense stress, the importance of team work, the right interpretation of failure, the added value of enthusiasm and passion to live a better life—these are just some of the themes dealt with by Hervé Barmasse. In the mountains there is nowhere to hide: problems need to be dealt with on the spot and it takes true effort to overcome the toughest challenges. Effort and motivation together are the most important resources for focusing on our goals and achieving them.

Alpinism, legends and people of the mountains. Come on a journey to rediscover the meaning of adventure, through tales and stories of the mountains and their people, as brought to you with the passion and knowledge of Hervé, and with live music by the band L’Orage. Educational entertainment set to the beat of music.

Enrich the experience of your company’s managers or employees through an outdoor experience with Hervé, exploring the local area and learning about the culture of the mountains, looking to the future and the many ways of enjoying the mountains whilst respecting the time-honoured culture of the local people. Passion, dedication and motivation, on the move.

An experience for clients, journalists, press agents and tourism managers to get up close and personal with the mountains, outdoor activities and the environment through a unique guided tour with Hervé. An exclusive initiative in which Hervé can talk directly to participants, in his innovative and engaging style, about everything the mountain can offer.

Climb the Matterhorn with Hervé for a cultural and physical experience of a lifetime. The ascent follows step by step the events and experiences of some of the most important alpinists in the history of the Matterhorn, from its first ascent up to today.

For individuals or teams to develop awareness, responsibility and values whilst exploring areas of weakness and opportunities for growth. From top companies to athletes, this mentoring programme offers a chance to excel and achieve success.
Executive & Corporate Mentoring: for those in corporate executive or managerial roles.
Business Mentoring: for entrepreneurs or individual professionals

A program for athletes who wish to become professionals, aimed at improving sports performance through training and nutrition; perfecting climbing technique and selecting goals; managing sponsors and partners; support in communication and developing a personal brand.

A programme aimed at studying and improving training techniques for alpinism and mountain sports, from trekking to climbing a 4000m peak, from sport climbing to Himalayan climbing, complete with personalised nutritional advice.

Starting with an analysis of the resort, Hervé combines his experience with that of marketing professionals to put together a strategic plan of action for promotion and development that reflects the needs of the local area.

For the creation of your company’s outdoor video and photo content, Hervé offers his experience of the mountain environment and expertise as a filmmaker and photographer. He will analyse your creative ideas to make them a reality, refining the content and maximising resources for an efficient and effective project. From a detailed analysis of the product to the creation of your content thanks to the input of top industry professionals.

For companies in the outdoor industry, Hervé offers consultancy for product development for sports and outdoor lifestyle lines. From concept to design, testing and launch.

All services provided are turnkey, in collaboration with specialist professionals.

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